YUREN Yoga Mat Now free shipping Large Exercise 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Thick,Mat,,6x4-ft,Exercise,/phoniatry518022.html,Workout,Large,YUREN,10mm,Yoga,Mat,Mat,breezecare.life,$51,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness $51 YUREN Yoga Mat Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Mat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness YUREN Yoga Mat Now free shipping Large Exercise 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout $51 YUREN Yoga Mat Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Mat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Thick,Mat,,6x4-ft,Exercise,/phoniatry518022.html,Workout,Large,YUREN,10mm,Yoga,Mat,Mat,breezecare.life,$51,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness

YUREN Yoga Mat Now free shipping Large Exercise 6x4-ft 10mm Free shipping anywhere in the nation Thick Workout

YUREN Yoga Mat Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Mat


YUREN Yoga Mat Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Mat

Product description

?【Share joy】

This oversized yoga mat is double size as normal yoga mat. double wide, double thick. specific design for two player yoga, home gym active area cushion.

We recommend this wide yoga mat to couples, parent and child. share joy when exercise partner yoga / parent-child yoga / acro yoga, the atmosphere become closer and more pleasant.

??【Comfortable Thick】

Yoga / fitness lies down often, lie on 2/5 inch 10 mm extra thick soft texture mat, avoid back pain, perfect yoga mat for beginners or children, super comfortable exercise mat

?【Maintain easy】

The NBR mat no water absorb, easy care by wet towel wipe to clean.

?【Eco material】

The eco yoga mat adopting SGS / TUV approved material, skin friendly. put on open air for 1/2days to get rid of the new product smell when you first get it.

?‍♀️?【All-purpose mat】

As the exercise mat is double wide, super comfortable for single person Pilates, Hatha, Ashtango, Flow yoga, fitness, stretch, workout or hot yoga on it.

it's also perfect for two person partner yoga, acro yoga.

?【excellent durability】

The memory foam yoga double mat adopts high-density material which prevents tearing, can be long term partner as long as you keep the mat away from sharp item and heat source!

Try it out, and enjoy your yoga!


?Question: If I not satisfied about the yoga mat, what should I do?


Answer: Please feel free to tell us and we will give you best service for a satisfactory solution.

?Question: Does the mat have bad smell?


 Answer: When first open,the smell will be a little heavy.Keep it in a cool and ventilated place for 3 days, and basically there will be no smell,but don't expose it to the sun.

?Question: How to storage this mat?


Answer: Roll up with a waist strap, and then load a mesh backpack.

YUREN Yoga Mat Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-ft 10mm Thick Workout Mat

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