Wheel,breezecare.life,$60,Car,Club,Brushed,DS,Aluminum,3G,for,Black,Gussi,/phoniatry517922.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Steering $60 3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Wheel for Club Car DS Automotive Replacement Parts $60 3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Wheel for Club Car DS Automotive Replacement Parts Wheel,breezecare.life,$60,Car,Club,Brushed,DS,Aluminum,3G,for,Black,Gussi,/phoniatry517922.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Steering Mail order 3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering for Wheel Club DS Car Mail order 3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering for Wheel Club DS Car

Mail order 3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Max 89% OFF for Wheel Club DS Car

3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Wheel for Club Car DS


3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Wheel for Club Car DS

Product description

. Includes (1) Brushed Aluminum Accent Steering Wheel . Fits Club Car DS Golf Carts 1982+ . This steering wheel is brushed aluminum plastic . 14. Outer Diameter . Polypropylene Wheel with Molded-In Aluminum Hub, so no adapter needed . Brushed Aluminum. Accent** for a Custom Appearance . Soft Touch Grip . High Quality Marine Grade Components . Deck out your cart with this stylish, comfortable steering wheel . Upgrade your standard steering wheel . Will NOT fit the Club Car Precedent model because of the built-in hub** . These premier Gussi Italia steering wheels offer a unique aesthetic appearance that compliments the beauty and style of your golf cart. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by employing genuine Italian components and technologies . Horn button with Gussi logo is non-functional and for decorative purposes only** . It is important that you know the year, make and model of your golf cart before purchasing this steering wheel** . Professional Installation is highly recommended. We do NOT offer technical support**

3G Gussi Brushed Aluminum Black Steering Wheel for Club Car DS

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