Reg,Inches,/phoniatry1160722.html,27.5,Eurobike,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$216,,Bike,Mountain,21,Speed,Bikes,Folding,G7 $216 Eurobike Bikes G7 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 27.5 Inches Reg Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Eurobike Bikes Atlanta Mall G7 21 Speed Folding Reg Bike Mountain 27.5 Inches Reg,Inches,/phoniatry1160722.html,27.5,Eurobike,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$216,,Bike,Mountain,21,Speed,Bikes,Folding,G7 $216 Eurobike Bikes G7 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 27.5 Inches Reg Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Eurobike Bikes Atlanta Mall G7 21 Speed Folding Reg Bike Mountain 27.5 Inches

Eurobike Bikes Atlanta Mall G7 21 New popularity Speed Folding Reg Bike Mountain 27.5 Inches

Eurobike Bikes G7 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 27.5 Inches Reg


Eurobike Bikes G7 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 27.5 Inches Reg

Product description

Item description
27.5 Inches steel frame Folding mountain bike designed with regular Spoke wheels,both front and rear designed with dual disc brake,it can makes your cycling more comfortable.
Suggested rider height range for 5’5” to 6’
Item weight : 16.5 kgs
Shipping weight : 21 Kgs

NOTICE: Bicycle Serials number marked on the head tube or bottom tube of frame, please find it and noted it down ,it is the only signs that distinguishes the same serials products.

Pedal install instructions:
"L" signs pedals should matches with LEFT crank arms."R" signs pedals should matches with RIGHT crank arms. Install Left pedals, you will have to screw it in COUNTER-CLOCKWISE,DO NOT USE THE WRENCH until you are ready to tighten it for the final few turns. Tighten it down until you can't turn it anymore. Then, install the Right signs pedal, you will have to screw it in CLOCKWISE, follow the same principals as discussed for the left pedal.

NOTICE for Front wheel or Brake Install :
For a correctly installed bicycle with dual disc brake, Both front brake and rear brake should at LEFT side of the bike. If the front brake installed incorrect, it will causing the brake and shifting cable crossed ,then makes the brake and shifting system doesn't work.

Bicycle are the heavy and oversize products, if the products was damaged or scratched during the shipping, please contact us directly for assistance through "CONTACT SELLER" near your bicycle order. We promise that we will help you solve the bicycle problem for you at soonest!

Eurobike Bikes G7 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 27.5 Inches Reg

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