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Adult Baby High order Vein free Viewer Registered FDA Finder in Locator

Adult Baby Vein Viewer Registered in FDA, Vein Finder Locator,


Adult Baby Vein Viewer Registered in FDA, Vein Finder Locator,

Product description

Projection vein finders designed to improve vascular access treatment standards and provide the highest possible quality in patient care. The device is non-invasive electronic visual aid device designed to project an image of superficial , subcutaneous vascular structures on the surface of the skin.
World's Unique Depth Detection Mode
It can be distinguished from other brands easily with its unique Depth Detection Mode. Under this mode, clinicans can be told the depth of veins to perform vascular access easily under its quality images even the veins are in a poor condition.
As an auxiliary high-tech equipment, It makes the vein visualization with its safe and innovative NIR technology. It is economic and utility for clinicians with its default working modes such as Basic mode, Green light mode, Pediatrate mode and Adjustable brightness. Clinicians can use with its different modes listed below in their daily work flexibly.
Brightness: Adjustable brightness
Infrared wavelength: 940nm amp; 850nm
Optimal imaging distance: 210nm±30nm
Image resolution: 856*480 pixel
Power source: Rechargeable Lithium battery or AC
Weight: 430 grams
Dimension: 213mm*65mm*62mm
Application type
  Target vein quick finding: Helpful for finding the target veins efficiently and easily
  Guidance for venipuncture: Provide a more clear vein view, Indicate the vein position, trend, branch, crossing
  Vein evaluation: Evaluate the vein filling condition
  Aesthetic medical injection: Helpful for medical staffs to avoid the veins
  Feeder vein treating: Helpful for finding more feeder veins and treat thoroughly, make the feeder treating visible

Adult Baby Vein Viewer Registered in FDA, Vein Finder Locator,

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