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JBailmx Extra Long Body Support Max 84% OFF Latex High Orthop Tulsa Mall Pillow and Low

JBailmx Extra Long Body Support Latex Pillow High and Low Orthop


JBailmx Extra Long Body Support Latex Pillow High and Low Orthop

Product description


Ergonomically contoured for head, neck and shoulder curves, it relieves stiffness and pain in most shoulders and necks, eliminates fatigue and reduces sleep disturbances, and improves sleep quality.
Thailand 100% natural latex pillow has high resilience and softness; it can hold the correct sleeping posture firmly, Reduce hit snore.

Pillow : natural High and low latex foam
Pillowcase : Removable washable jacket + Removable and washable lining
Package: Vacuum Compression Packaging Latex Pillow

1. Natural latex pillow have a little natural rubber smell, but it is environmentally friendly and harmless to human body, the smell will fade away in the air.
2. Wash your pillowcase with cold water and air dry it before first use.

1. The pillow core is prohibited from direct sunlight exposure, otherwise the oxidation phenomenon will occur, which will damage the quality.
2. Do not bleach, dry clean, iron,
3. The pillow core is not recommended for washing. It can be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

JBailmx Extra Long Body Support Latex Pillow High and Low Orthop

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