,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pleat,/minkish1160731.html,Skort,Clothing,Short,Women’s,Jofit,Apparel,$40,Athletic,Knife $40 Jofit Apparel Women’s Athletic Clothing Knife Pleat Skort Short Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Jofit Apparel Women’s Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Athletic Clothing Short Knife Skort Pleat,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pleat,/minkish1160731.html,Skort,Clothing,Short,Women’s,Jofit,Apparel,$40,Athletic,Knife Jofit Apparel Women’s Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Athletic Clothing Short Knife Skort Pleat $40 Jofit Apparel Women’s Athletic Clothing Knife Pleat Skort Short Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Ranking TOP9 Jofit Apparel Women’s Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Athletic Clothing Short Knife Skort Pleat

Jofit Apparel Women’s Athletic Clothing Knife Pleat Skort Short


Jofit Apparel Women’s Athletic Clothing Knife Pleat Skort Short

Product description

Jofit’s Knife Pleated Skort is made with lightweight moisture wicking jersey fabric that moves with your body. The stylish pleated skort features back pockets and soft micro-mesh undershorts to provide full coverage.

Designed to FIT
Designed to FLATTER
Designed to FUNCTION

Introducing The Jofit difference

Pro tips amp; tricks to help you look and feel your best

  • Contoured Waistband -
 The secret weapon smooths and slims your mid-section
  • Scoop Hem -
  •  Provides added coverage but still looks flirty
  • Back Darts -
  •  Creates waist shape, for a feminine fit
  • Rear Pockets -
  •  Added to all of our bottoms to conceal, for convenience and for a booty pop!Busy, Active Women NEED Comfortable Clothing


    Relax in the comfort and quality of Jofit, knowing that you look fabulous. PSA - All of our fabrics are travel friendly and are machine washable.

    Have a big back swing? Not a problem. All of our tops have a scooped hemline that provide added coverage but still looks flirty! FORE!

    Built for performance. All of our fabrics have quick dry, moisture management properties. This allows you to perform at your maximum potential while remaining cool.

    Search for ‘Jofit Apparel’ on Amazon to find the rest of our latest collections!

    Jofit Apparel Women’s Athletic Clothing Knife Pleat Skort Short

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    Learn More

    Honoring Chester Pierce with a New Human Rights Award

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