2 Pc Spasm price Teal Ball Gown Women Style Regency Jane L Austen Costume 2 Pc Spasm price Teal Ball Gown Women Style Regency Jane L Austen Costume $55 2 Pc Teal Ball Gown, Women Costume, Regency Jane Austen Style, L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Jane,2,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ball,Costume,,Teal,Regency,Pc,/knobkerrie979015.html,Gown,,breezecare.life,Austen,$55,Women,L,Style, $55 2 Pc Teal Ball Gown, Women Costume, Regency Jane Austen Style, L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Jane,2,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ball,Costume,,Teal,Regency,Pc,/knobkerrie979015.html,Gown,,breezecare.life,Austen,$55,Women,L,Style,

2 Pc Ranking TOP20 Spasm price Teal Ball Gown Women Style Regency Jane L Austen Costume

2 Pc Teal Ball Gown, Women Costume, Regency Jane Austen Style, L


2 Pc Teal Ball Gown, Women Costume, Regency Jane Austen Style, L

Product description

Styled after gowns from England's 18th-century Regency Period (the time of Jane Austen's writings), this two piece costume has a short-sleeved chemise undershirt made from rose pink poly cotton and a long, elegant satin overgown in matching rose pink. The chemise has puffed cap sleeves trimmed in a subtle lace, and it ties at the center front. The satin overgown sweeps down from the ribbon-trimmed empire waist into a long train at the back and buttons neatly up the back for a snug fit.


SMALL: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 67″; shoulder: 15″; arm length: 13″;chest: 35″; waist: 33″;

MED: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 68″; shoulder: 16″; arm length: 14″;chest: 39″; waist: 36″;

LARGE: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 69″; shoulder: 17″; arm length: 14″; chest: 42″; waist: 39″;

XL: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 70″; shoulder: 18″; arm length: 14″; chest: 45″; waist: 42″;

2X: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 70.5″; shoulder: 19″; arm length: 14.5″; chest: 48″; waist: 45″;

3X: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 71″; shoulder: 20″; arm length: 15″; chest: 51″; waist: 48″;

4X: Gown length (shoulder to bottom hem): 72″; shoulder: 21″; arm length: 15″; chest: 54″; waist: 52″;

2 Pc Teal Ball Gown, Women Costume, Regency Jane Austen Style, L


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