Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Personalized Necklace Pendant All items free shipping Numbers Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Personalized Necklace Pendant All items free shipping Numbers $27 Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Pendant Necklace Personalized Numbers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Bubble,Personalized,Amxiu,$27,,Letter,/knobkerrie848915.html,Numbers,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Custom,Pendant,Necklace $27 Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Pendant Necklace Personalized Numbers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Bubble,Personalized,Amxiu,$27,,Letter,/knobkerrie848915.html,Numbers,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Custom,Pendant,Necklace

Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Personalized Necklace Pendant Houston Mall All items free shipping Numbers

Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Pendant Necklace Personalized Numbers


Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Pendant Necklace Personalized Numbers

Product description

Material: Copper by gold plated/ rose gold plated/silver plated, Cubic Zircons
An awesome Gift for ceremony/graduation/Birthday/Christmas Day

How to personalize your order?
1-Choose your favorite Color and Chain Length from the drop down menu.
2-Click on "Customize Now" for personalization.
3-Enter all letters you want to engrave.
4-Add to Basket. Add to cart ONLY AFTER you have completed with your information.(You can also send email to us about your requirements within 24 hours to avoid any delay and cancelations.)

Delivery Time:
Generally speaking, it would cost about 3-5 days to customize the necklace pendant once you make the order.
After the item is customized well, it need 10-25 days to be delivered if you choose the Standard shipment, or 5-7 business days to be delivered on Expedited Shipment.
If you have any question about this personalized pendant, or if you are not completely satisfied, please feel free to contact us.

Amxiu Custom Bubble Letter Pendant Necklace Personalized Numbers


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