Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Display Pearl Bead Draping Manufacturer direct delivery $35 Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Draping Pearl Bead Display Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 55cm,Draping,Rose,and,Closer2Nature,Pearl,/knobkerrie1063415.html,,Bead,Trailing,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$35,Display $35 Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Draping Pearl Bead Display Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Display Pearl Bead Draping Manufacturer direct delivery 55cm,Draping,Rose,and,Closer2Nature,Pearl,/knobkerrie1063415.html,,Bead,Trailing,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$35,Display

Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Display Pearl Bead Draping Manufacturer direct [Alternative dealer] delivery

Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Draping Pearl Bead Display


Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Draping Pearl Bead Display

Product description

Product Description

lt;stronggt;lt;spangt;About The Productlt;/spangt;lt;/stronggt;

lt;spangt;This stunning rose and foliage display in a tall martini glass vase is an exquisite stand-alone feature for any room. The large white roses are intertwined with green foliage lt;spangt;and draping pearl beads

Closer2Nature 55cm Trailing Rose and Draping Pearl Bead Display

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