San Antonio Mall Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve /isogamete848833.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Carhartt,$31,Men's,Long-Sleeve, $31 Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men San Antonio Mall Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve $31 Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men /isogamete848833.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Carhartt,$31,Men's,Long-Sleeve,

San Max 74% OFF Antonio Mall Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve

Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve


Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve

Product description

Soft yet durable, this men's Carhartt t-shirt is cut from a textured, heavyweight cotton blend. Features a henley collar with snaps and a chest pocket with a pen stall. 8.25-ounce, 58% cotton / 39% polyester / 3% elastane textured doubleknit. Relaxed fit. Henley collar with three-snap front. Rib-knit cuffs help keep out the cold. Rolled-forward shoulder. Side-seam construction minimizes twisting. Carhartt patch sewn on left-chest pocket with pen stall. Heat-transfer back neck label.

Carhartt Men's Long-Sleeve

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