Max 50% OFF 1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Driver Rear Side Plate Backing V /isogamete848733.html,1,with,Plate,Glass,Pair,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Driver,,$21,Rear,Backing,Side,Heated,Mirror,V $21 1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Backing Plate Driver Side Rear V Automotive Replacement Parts /isogamete848733.html,1,with,Plate,Glass,Pair,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Driver,,$21,Rear,Backing,Side,Heated,Mirror,V Max 50% OFF 1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Driver Rear Side Plate Backing V $21 1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Backing Plate Driver Side Rear V Automotive Replacement Parts

Max 50% OFF 1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Driver Ranking TOP9 Rear Side Plate Backing V

1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Backing Plate Driver Side Rear V


1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Backing Plate Driver Side Rear V

Product description

Description: This is a 100% BRAND NEW Mirror Glass Replacement and built to strict quality control standards. Provide you clear view in the rain or fog days by this mirror glass with heated function Blue tinting mirror, anti-dazzling, improve safety in driving at night. Does not have the auto-dimming function. This is non-OEM product, accessory only! Specifications Glass Color: Blue Material: Glass, Plastic Glass Type: Wide Angle / Aspherical Placement on Vehicle: LHamp; RH Functions: Heated Type: Power Operation Mirrors Part Number: 51167028427 Diagonal Size: 18cm / 7.08'' (Longest diagonal dimension from top corner to opposing bottom corner). Size: 16.5x11cm / 6.49''x4.33''(L*W) Fit for: for BMW 323Ci 2000 for BMW 325Ci 2001-2006 for BMW 328Ci 2000 for BMW 330Ci 2001-2006 for BMW 745i 2002-2005 for BMW 745Li 2002-2005 for BMW 750i 2006-2008 for BMW 750Li 2006-2008 for BMW 760i 2004-2006 for BMW 760Li 2003-2008 for BMW for Alpina B7 2007-2008 Installation Steps: 1. Use a crowbar to pry the old glass together with the plate; 2. Unplug the pins which connect the old glass; 3. Put the pins into the new glass; 4. Put the plate align with the steering gear, and press it on the center. Note: Before you buy, please check the shape and size carefully to make sure this item will fit you car. If you are not sure whether it is suitable or not, please contact us and attach your vehicle information before purchasing. Package Included: 1 pair x Driver Side Mirror Glass

1 Pair Mirror Glass Heated with Backing Plate Driver Side Rear V

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