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Hot Wheels GWT33 Toys


Hot Wheels GWT33 Toys

Product description

Style:Reduced Packaging

​The Hot Wheels Mega Car Wash has all the features of a real car wash in Hot Wheels City with an automated conveyer belt that transports cars through the set with real water action. Surprising color change features fuel creativity and storytelling as kids take their cars through a spin in the Hot Wheels Mega Car Wash. Pull the handle back and drive your car into the car wash to begin riding the automatic conveyer belt. When kids squeeze warm water onto their Color Shifters car, it magically changes color! Then towel dry the vehicle before the automatic conveyer belt drops you into the dunk tank for another magical color change transformation. Kids can spin the fan to raise their car and dry it off before heading off to their next adventure! The Hot Wheels Mega Car Wash nurtures creative thinking with familiar city themed locations using push-around play plus cool color change features to deliver hours of play. The Mega Car Wash has multiple connections points to connect to other Hot Wheels sets for a customizable world of track and play. ​

Hot Wheels GWT33 Toys

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