$332 Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard Blue, 6ft 4in Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $332 Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard Blue, 6ft 4in Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard 4in Sacramento Mall Blue 6ft 4in,Surfboard,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Blue,,/isadelphous1160919.html,6ft,$332,Surfboards,breezecare.life,Modern,Falcon,PU Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard 4in Sacramento Mall Blue 6ft 4in,Surfboard,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Blue,,/isadelphous1160919.html,6ft,$332,Surfboards,breezecare.life,Modern,Falcon,PU

Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard 4in Sacramento Mall Blue 6ft Max 61% OFF

Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard Blue, 6ft 4in


Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard Blue, 6ft 4in

Product description

Setting a new benchmark in the funboard category, Modern made the Falcon PU Surfboard to offer a stable and buoyant option that helps us beginner-to-intermediate surfers progress quickly. The wide point is plenty stable so we can pop up with confidence, while the back half of the board tapers steadily towards the tail for easier turning in smaller waves and heightened control in slightly larger waves. Not just entry-level, the Falcon offers a stable and cruisy ride for surfers coming off a softboard or bigger longboard, while more capable riders will find a surprising amount of speed and response when getting more aggressive.

Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard Blue, 6ft 4in

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