$32 MAVMAX Womens Chunky High Heel Platform Knee High Zip up Boots Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Boots,Zip,up,/improperation849158.html,Knee,breezecare.life,Chunky,Womens,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Platform,MAVMAX,High,Heel,High,$32 MAVMAX Directly managed store Womens Chunky High Heel Zip Platform Knee Boots up MAVMAX Directly managed store Womens Chunky High Heel Zip Platform Knee Boots up $32 MAVMAX Womens Chunky High Heel Platform Knee High Zip up Boots Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Boots,Zip,up,/improperation849158.html,Knee,breezecare.life,Chunky,Womens,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Platform,MAVMAX,High,Heel,High,$32

MAVMAX Directly managed store Womens Chunky High Heel Mesa Mall Zip Platform Knee Boots up

MAVMAX Womens Chunky High Heel Platform Knee High Zip up Boots


MAVMAX Womens Chunky High Heel Platform Knee High Zip up Boots

Product description

Toe style: Round/Closed Toe.

Heel Style: Block heel

Heel height: 12cm

Platform height: 3.5cm

Shoes style: Pointed toe kitten heels ankle booties

Shaft Height: 38cm

Opening: 37cm

Return Policy:

If you feel dissatisfied with the product, please have no worries. You just need to let us know and return the shoes and get the refund.

NOTE: Please Returns within 30 days starting the day the package delivered if you are not satisfied with this shoes.

Other Service

For customers who have special need in size, color, heel height, material or any other parts, Customization Service is available. There are other costs need to paid about this. Please be understanding.

Shipping time:

The international shipping date is about 7-14 work days, and we need about 1-3 days to prepare and check the product.

If you need this product urgent, please choose the faster express way.

MAVMAX Womens Chunky High Heel Platform Knee High Zip up Boots

Merrell Women's Zion Mid Wp Hiking Boot

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line-height: 0px; } #productDescription Left { max-width: p Product Pontiac { list-style-type: Shafts

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