Off,Neck,V,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,ZIUMUDY,Wraped,,$24,Shoulder,Photography,/improperation1063658.html,Photosh,Maternity $24 ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Neck Wraped Photography Photosh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $24 ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Neck Wraped Photography Photosh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Shipping included Wraped Neck Photography Photosh ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Shipping included Wraped Neck Photography Photosh Off,Neck,V,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,ZIUMUDY,Wraped,,$24,Shoulder,Photography,/improperation1063658.html,Photosh,Maternity

ZIUMUDY Max 61% OFF Maternity Off Shoulder V Shipping included Wraped Neck Photography Photosh

ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Neck Wraped Photography Photosh


ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Neck Wraped Photography Photosh

Product description

Material: 95% Mecerized cotton amp; 5% Spandex
Sleeve: Dropped Sleeves
Length: Full length amp; Maxi Dress
Pattern: Solid Color
Season: Spring,Summer,Autumn
Garment Care: Hand Wash in gentle cold water, Machine Washable
Style: Photography Prop Dress/Maternity Gown/Wedding Gown
Occasion: Maternity Photography/Baby Shower/Maternity photo shoot/Wedding/Evening Party/Cosplay purposes

Size chart:
Size S: Bust: 32.2-35.4inch---Waist: 23.6-31.5inch---Length: 55.9inch
Size M: Bust: 33.8-37.0inch---Waist: 24.4-33.0inch---Length: 56.3inch
Size L: Bust: 35.4-38.5inch---Waist: 25.2-34.6inch---Length: 56.7inch
Size XL: Bust: 37.0-40.1inch---Waist: 26-36.2inch---Length: 57.1inch

Warm Notice:
1). 1cm=0.39inch
2). Please allow 1-3cm differs on size issue due to manual measurement.
3). As different computers display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images.

Package included: 1 x Women Dress

ZIUMUDY Maternity Off Shoulder V Neck Wraped Photography Photosh

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