Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

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If the living tissue (pulps) in the root canals of the tooth are inflamed or unable to maintain their vitality, canal treatment is needed to recover the tooth. Because this tissue, like some other tissues in the body, does not have the ability to renew and repair itself. Deep bruises, fractures and cracks in the teeth can cause inflammation of the pulp. In addition, traumas to the teeth may cause rupture of the veins and nerves feeding the teeth and cause the tooth to lose its vitality.

  • If the live tissue in the root canals of the tooth is inflamed, it is applied to save them.
  • The process of canal treatment is carried out by our specialist dentist. Doctor consultation and a medical examination are available for all our guests.
  • Completed in a 3 day period. A clinical visit is required 1 hour per day.