Plexir Plasma Emergy (Mole Treatment)


Plexir Plasma Emergy (Mole Treatment)

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Plexir Method is used for the purpose of eyelid aesthetics, rejuvenation of the eye contours, removal of puffy yellow spots on the eyelids called “xanthelasma”, support to the treatment of active acne and acne scars, removal of moles and warts, removal of wound and accident scars, removal of spots and removal of upper lip wrinkles.

  • It is used for the treatment of active acne and acne scars, and for the removal of warts and wounds, removal of stains and scar removal, and removal of wrinkles.
  • Our doctor and clinical level enable you to get excellent service. Doctor consultation and a medical examination are available for all our guests.
  • Completed in 30 minutes. Requires use of sunscreen for 1 week.