Hot Lipolysis


Hot Lipolysis

“Our doctor and clinical level ensure you to get excellent service.”

With this treatment method which is used effectively to remove problems such as skin laxity and regional fat deposition, effective results are obtained in the areas where fat is accumulated such as the hips, abdomen, and waist, as well as in areas with skin laxity such as the face area and under the chin. In addition, the application is also made to the arm-leg interior, thigh interior, knee interior, and ankle and leg area. With local anesthesia, results are taken without bleeding in a single session and without affecting your daily life.

  • This treatment method is used effectively to eliminate problems such as skin laxity and regional lubrication.
  • Our doctor and clinical level enable you to get excellent service. Doctor consultation and a medical examination are available for all our guests.
  • It takes a minimum of 30 minutes (for each zone). It is applied by local anesthesia.