Hifu Face Lift


Hifu Face Lift

“Our doctor and clinical level ensure you get excellent service.”

With HIFU therapy, tightening and stretching of the skin is aimed at using high intensity focused ultrasound energy and sound waves. This energy delivers the subcutaneous tissue to high temperatures, generating controlled, dot-shaped burn areas, and creating healing areas. Since these healing foci are healed by contraction, that is, by crinkling, they create a lifting, that is, a stretching effect on both the skin and the face. A skin that is tightened and renewed within 3-6 months on average is provided.

You should avoid sauna, Turkish or Finnish bath, a very hot water bath, and heavy sports for 3 days. During the night, you should use the mask given to you.

  • High intensity focused ultrasound energy provides sound tightening and tension in the skin using sound waves.
  • Our doctor and clinical level enable you to get excellent service. Doctor consultation and a medical examination are available for all our guests.
  • It takes 1 hour. 3 days of very hot water wash, heavy sports should not be done, night mask should be used.