“We use Juvederm, the world’s number one filler. High quality in clinic and doctor staff.”

They are temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent substances that are applied to the skin to remove wrinkles, sagging and scars and to give shape. Over the years, wrinkles and sagging occur due to the reduction of elastic fiber, collagen fiber, fat layer, and hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles and sagging occur especially around the eyes, mouth, chin, and in the neck, nose, and forehead area. The filling injection can be used successfully in sagging and wrinkles in the middle and lower parts of the face. Filling injection is also used to provide a fuller and younger look to the lip, and to remove the deep scars and acne scars on the skin.

  • It is applied under the skin to wrinkle, sag, remove and shape the skin. Lips provide a fuller and youthful appearance.
  • We use Juvederm which is the world's number one filler. Doctor consultation and a medical examination are available for all our guests.
  • It takes 1 hour. Sauna, bath, hot water wash, heavy sports should not be done for 3 days.