Rear,2",$286,Lift,Bar,WULF,3.5",Automotive , Replacement Parts,Adj,Adj,Kit,with,/fungo517717.html,Track,Front,compatib, $286 WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatib Automotive Replacement Parts Rear,2",$286,Lift,Bar,WULF,3.5",Automotive , Replacement Parts,Adj,Adj,Kit,with,/fungo517717.html,Track,Front,compatib, WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Manufacturer direct delivery compatib Track Bar with Lift Kit $286 WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatib Automotive Replacement Parts WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Manufacturer direct delivery compatib Track Bar with Lift Kit

Price reduction WULF 3.5

WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatib


WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatib

Product description




  • 3.5" Adjustable Lift Powder Coated Mini Leaf Spring Packs
  • (4) U-bolts
  • WULF Solid Forged Steel Track Bar with On-Vehicle Adjustment Feature
  • All Necessary Hardware Included


  • 2" Lift Ductile Cast Steel Angled Blocks
  • (4) U-bolts
  • All Necessary Hardware Included

About the WULF Track Bar:

  • Fully Adjustable after mounted for a perfect fit
  • CNC machined from solid forged steel for unsurpassed strength and durability
  • Maintenance Free Thermofuse Bushings
  • Durable High Impact Capacity


  • 4X4 4WD models only
  • Front Leaf Spring models only
  • Excludes early 1999 January and February models
  • Duallys with the 4"+ rear axle will need different u-bolts. Please contact us before ordering to get them at no additional charge
  • Factory overload leaf spring models need different u-bolts. Please contact us before placing an order to get these at no additional charge
  • Will fit gas or diesel, and V8 or V10 models

WULF 3.5" Adj Front 2" Rear Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatib

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