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AshleeOaks Vintage Style Free shipping on posting reviews 3D Laundry Large Denver Mall Sign Framed Rust Wood

AshleeOaks Vintage Style 3D Laundry Wood Framed Sign, Large Rust


AshleeOaks Vintage Style 3D Laundry Wood Framed Sign, Large Rust

Product description

Enhance your laundry room with a charming decor that makes it more beautiful and comfortable!
This Laundry Wood Framed Wall Decor is made of firwood and MDF, features a distressed white MDF backing with vertical slat design,
embellished with gray cut-out letters that spell "Laundry" in a slight silver finish.
Station it in your laundry room for a bright pop of fun and complete your farmhouse rustic decor look.
Brimming your laundry room with a cozy atmosphere, bringing you a lovely day.
It would be a good choice for those who love modern farmhouse decor. Also a good housewarming gift!

Product specification:
Size: 29.75"W x 1.5"D x 10.75"H
Material: MDF cut-out letters + Fir wood frame + MDF with veneer backing
Weight: 2.75 lbs
Style: Vintage Style
Orientation: Horizontal
Easy to hang with 2 sawtooth hangers on the back

Quality service:
We provide return and refund services. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.

AshleeOaks Vintage Style 3D Laundry Wood Framed Sign, Large Rust

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