Steampunk Bolt Action Pen Max 55% OFF Board Circuit with Red Action,Office Products , Office School Supplies,$56,Bolt,Steampunk,,Board,Circuit,with,/fr-ch/home,Red,Pen $56 Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Red Circuit Board Office Products Office School Supplies Action,Office Products , Office School Supplies,$56,Bolt,Steampunk,,Board,Circuit,with,/fr-ch/home,Red,Pen $56 Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Red Circuit Board Office Products Office School Supplies Steampunk Bolt Action Pen Max 55% OFF Board Circuit with Red

Steampunk Bolt Action Pen Max 55% Max 85% OFF OFF Board Circuit with Red

Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Red Circuit Board


Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Red Circuit Board

Product description

The Acrylic was turned down in my wood shop in Florida and contains a genuine red circuit board.

Sale includes Free Shipping in the USA.

Here is a pen straight out of Victorian science fiction and the industrialized 19th century. The Steampunk genre has re-ignited a love of old fashioned materials and is all about mixing the old and new; fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age. This pen is designed around this aesthetic; the pen combines flat head screws, riveted design patterns, replica Gatling gun barrels, a Bolt Action mechanism plus a mixture of industrialized Antique copper, pewter and brass finishes. Steampunk is a major trend in fashion, jewelry and design over the last few years.

This pen provides a smooth writing performance via a standard Parker ballpoint style refill.

Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Red Circuit Board

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