Art,Chinese,Tapestry,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,59x59,$45,Handcraft,/favoredness1090393.html,Tablecloth,Batik, Handcraft New sales Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik 59x59 Art Handcraft New sales Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik 59x59 Art $45 Handcraft Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik Art 59x59 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Art,Chinese,Tapestry,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,59x59,$45,Handcraft,/favoredness1090393.html,Tablecloth,Batik, $45 Handcraft Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik Art 59x59 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Fees free!! Handcraft New sales Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik 59x59 Art

Handcraft Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik Art 59x59


Handcraft Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik Art 59x59

Product description

Color:108 (59x59 Inches)

Beautiful Flowing Symmetrical Design – 100% Handmade Miao Hmong Wax Batik Table Cloth in Cotton
Each awe-inspiring table cloth has a mesmerizing geometric pattern depicting creatively abstracted symbols and totemic figures drawn from Miao Hmong artistic heritage. Blue and white coloring celebrates the exquisite traditional techniques and materials utilized by Miao Hmong artists, bringing an ancient craft right into your living space. High quality cotton makes the table cloth durable and machine washable without diminishing its aesthetic charm. Will bring a unique ethnic feel to your dining area alongside a display of candles or flowers.

About Miao Hmong Wax Batik
Batik, or the technique of wax-resist dyeing, has a history of over two thousand years. The Miao Hmong people were some of the first to master the craft. The artists first draw onto the cloth with a wax knife or ladao, creating dye-resistant patterns of lines and dots. The cloth is then soaked in dye. The wax is then boiled and scraped off, revealing the artist’s design in a contrasting color. In 2006, Chinese government aligned with United Nation UNESCO heritage policy to elevate Miao Hmong batik to the level of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Item: HNMIYR108
* MACHINE WASHABLE: Cold water and a gentle setting recommended. Each product is dyed with eco-friendly natural plant pigment and is therefore colorfast. Recommended to soak in cold salt water for 30 minutes, rinse and then wash

Help us to Help!
With this purchase you are contributing to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to the mission of improving the quality of life of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserving their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. A big thank you for supporting us!

Handcraft Tapestry Tablecloth Chinese Batik Art 59x59

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