View,$39,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/factor849187.html,Side,ANPART,Side,Compatible,,2005-2009,with,Passenger,Mirror ANPART Selling rankings Side View Mirror with Compatible 2005-2009 Passenger ANPART Selling rankings Side View Mirror with Compatible 2005-2009 Passenger $39 ANPART Side View Mirror Passenger Side Compatible with 2005-2009 Automotive Replacement Parts View,$39,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/factor849187.html,Side,ANPART,Side,Compatible,,2005-2009,with,Passenger,Mirror $39 ANPART Side View Mirror Passenger Side Compatible with 2005-2009 Automotive Replacement Parts

ANPART Selling rankings Side View Mirror with Compatible 2005-2009 San Jose Mall Passenger

ANPART Side View Mirror Passenger Side Compatible with 2005-2009


ANPART Side View Mirror Passenger Side Compatible with 2005-2009

Product description

Packaged to you from our US warehouse

For drivers, a good towing mirror is necessary for driving. It can ensure our safe driving, so when your car's rear view mirror is damaged, you need to replace it immediately. Here is some advice:
a.When your towing mirror got severe damaged, like extendable arm broke, the body of your mirror was badly distorted, you would replace it with a new towing mirror. Or it would affect your vision.
b.When your towing mirror is slight scratch on your mirror glass, you need only replace the mirror glass.
c.When your mirror is in serious vibration so that it affects your vision when driving, you must replace your mirror at once, because it is so dangerous that you could not see the road clearly.
(Attention: Slight vibration is normal when driving, or you can use tools to tighten the screws to improve the situation)

1.Looking at the rear car from the left mirror, the more secure the rear car is to the right, the rear car from the right mirror, the more secure the rear car is to the left.
2.The smaller the area occupied by the rear car in your rear view mirror, the further the distance between the two cars.
3.Speed is the key. The correct method is to change the speed of the road, and at the same time confirm the rear car speed is lower than the car through the rear view mirror, the lane change is safe.
Vehicle fitment

2005-2009 PONTIAC G6
Package include : 1 pcs right side mirror

ANPART Side View Mirror Passenger Side Compatible with 2005-2009

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