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BESPORTBLE Fitness Max 47% OFF Folding Don't miss the campaign Treadmill Motori LCD Electric Display

BESPORTBLE Fitness Folding Treadmill LCD Display Electric Motori


BESPORTBLE Fitness Folding Treadmill LCD Display Electric Motori

Product Description

folding treadmill

BESPORTBLE Fitness Folding Treadmill for Home Gym

  • 12 RUNNING PROGRAMS: Multi-function control panel with clear digital display, a total of 12 kinds of running programs can be selected.
  • LCD DISPLAY: With a large LCD display on the middle, you can monitor the real-time data of each movement, including heart rate, calories, time and. Purchase and start running now!
  • SAFETY TREADMILL: Designed with a security key, the treadmill can be shut down immediately to protect your safety in an emergency. Widen running platform and grab handle on both sides, ensures your safety when running. Can be used for running, walking, sit-ups, etc.
  • SPACE SAVER: Space-saving folding design not only helps you easily assembly the treadmill, but also helps you to Store/Move the treadmill more conveniently. Our motorized treadmill makes running indoors become very convenient.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR FITNESS RESULTS: Want to loose weight and burn calories at home? Want to have a slim figure and strong body? Then you need a motorized treadmill, no matter you want to walk, run and jog, our treadmill is a perfect partner for you.
Input voltage 110V/60Hz
Motor power 1.5HP
Range 0.5-6MPH
Maximum load 220LBS
LCD display heart rate, calories, time and speed
Programs 12 programs
Overloading protection Yes
Net weight 59.5LBS
1 2 3 5 5
Folding Treadmill Folding Treadmill Folding Treadmill Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Ankle Weights

BESPORTBLE Fitness Folding Treadmill LCD Display Electric Motori

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