220V,Tool,Wood,Carving,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Carving,Woodworki,$111,Electric,breezecare.life,Machine,/factor1090687.html,Chisel $111 220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Wood Carving Machine Woodworki Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Woodworki Wood Machine discount 220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Woodworki Wood Machine discount $111 220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Wood Carving Machine Woodworki Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 220V,Tool,Wood,Carving,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Carving,Woodworki,$111,Electric,breezecare.life,Machine,/factor1090687.html,Chisel

220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Spasm price Woodworki Wood Machine discount

220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Wood Carving Machine Woodworki


220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Wood Carving Machine Woodworki

Product description

Usually the product will be sent in 1-4 working days and takes about 2--7 business days to reach you

The new wood carving chisel , chisel instead of the traditional hand-carved ,is now entering the era of the electric ; rate several times higher than the hand-carved, saving time and effort.
One-third of the force can be hand-carved , three to five times the speed of sculpture,without fatigue .
Segment produce ultra-high speed micro vibration 10,000 times per minute touch wood,this ultra- high-speed vibrations for carving . In addition to general timber , you can also carved ebony , soft plastics.
Shell is solid , excellent thermal efficiency , very safe .
Professional carving , amateurs , students can use . Even touch of a finger tip to vibrate,it will not hurt your fingers cutting .
With five special blade : ( according to the customer to reflect current shape with fiveknives are : V -type one, a knife diagonally , half a knife , a knife Xiaoping , Ohira a knife . )

It can only work with 220V voltage, please kindly make sure you have the right power supply for that.
Because the machine is required for steering, the Flexible shaft must be installed in the right side of machine (as the picture shown), if installing it on the left side , the Flexible shaft will be broken!

Rated rotation: 0-28000R/min
Clamping diameter: 0.6-6.5MM
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 50Hz
Output power: 750W
Bearing size: 19*13*12MM

Package Included:
1 * Host
1 * Soft Shaft
1 * Carving Handel
2 * Wrench
5 * Carving Blades:
V -type, a knife diagonally , half a knife , a knife Xiaoping , Ohira a knife

220V Electric Chisel Carving Tool Wood Carving Machine Woodworki

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