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Zlovne Bamboo Roll Up Window Max 81% OFF Manufacturer OFFicial shop Shade Shades Sun Roma Roller

Zlovne Bamboo Roll Up Window Bamboo Roller Shades Sun Shade,Roma


Zlovne Bamboo Roll Up Window Bamboo Roller Shades Sun Shade,Roma

Product description


It can be used on indoor/outdoor windows, you can roll the shutter up and down smoothly to control the sunlight and wind in the room. Safe and practical.

If you want to customize the size, please order the closest size, and then send us your window size by email. Our rolling device is installed on the right side, if you want to change to the left side, please contact us 24 hours after placing the order to adjust it according to your requirements.

*Product name: straw woven reed curtain
Cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth
Size (width x height): can be customized
Installation method: internal, external, side, top
Working principle: two bamboo poles are equipped with lifters, and the roller blind is pulled sideways (right side)
Features: light and breathable, shading and shading, ventilation and ventilation, strong UV resistance, privacy shielding, sun protection, rain and dust prevention.

*Measurement methods:
External installation:
Curtain width = W + 10CM
Curtain height = H + 10 cm;
Indoor installation:
Curtain width = W-1CM,
Curtain height = H.

*Package includes:
1X bamboo roller blind + complete accessories

1. Because it is made of natural reeds, the width of the reeds will be slightly different.
2. Due to the influence of light and shooting angle, the difference in details is normal. Thank you for your understanding!

Zlovne Bamboo Roll Up Window Bamboo Roller Shades Sun Shade,Roma

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