KR Ideas Standard Spray Nippon regular agency Bottle Rack The Long in 24" Made USA Tools Home Improvement , Storage Home Organization,Rack,,$24,Long,/enormity1160857.html,in,(Made,Standard,The,24",Bottle,KR,Ideas,,USA),Spray Tools Home Improvement , Storage Home Organization,Rack,,$24,Long,/enormity1160857.html,in,(Made,Standard,The,24",Bottle,KR,Ideas,,USA),Spray KR Ideas Standard Spray Nippon regular agency Bottle Rack The Long in 24" Made USA $24 KR Ideas Standard Spray Bottle Rack, 24" Long (Made in The USA) Tools Home Improvement Storage Home Organization $24 KR Ideas Standard Spray Bottle Rack, 24" Long (Made in The USA) Tools Home Improvement Storage Home Organization

KR Max 53% OFF Ideas Standard Spray Nippon regular agency Bottle Rack The Long in 24

KR Ideas Standard Spray Bottle Rack, 24" Long (Made in The USA)


KR Ideas Standard Spray Bottle Rack, 24" Long (Made in The USA)

Product description

Imagine being able to walk over to your cleaning or laundry sprays and it is right there on a rack where you need them. This will help for that quick clean up or use and those big jobs too. The trick is they are right where they are suppose to be. Tired of being disorganized, need to get neater and want to get your spray bottles together this rack is for you. Tired of spray bottle falling over and getting damaged or leaking out? This is the solution. It can hold up to 10-11 spray bottles. After having them under the sink, closet, in the pantry and out in the garage I decided this was the best way to keep all my sprays together. During our research we found by survey that this would be a perfect way to keep them organized, all in one place and out of the way. This rack is built strong, very strong. It will serve you well. Made of a nice 3/4 inch domestic red oak and lacquered. The post has a set screw at each end of the supports so it will not fall apart. The rod is a 1/2 inch delron thermal plastic. Two screw attachment. A Kirk Rogers Design amp; Invention.

KR Ideas Standard Spray Bottle Rack, 24" Long (Made in The USA)

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