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Men's Double Breasted Ivory Luxury Blazer Pants Tuxed Suits Groom Max 58% OFF Black

Men's Double Breasted Ivory Blazer Black Pants Suits Groom Tuxed


Men's Double Breasted Ivory Blazer Black Pants Suits Groom Tuxed

Product description

Nice choice for wedding party,prom party or business formal occasion.

Please note that buttons and ties might be not same as the model picture,hope you do not mind.

please choose the size refer to the below measurements details.All the measurements are in inches.

Size:34"Chest/28"Waist----Chest34"---Waist28"---Shoulder17.75"---Height 5'6"-5'9"

Size:36"Chest/30"Waist----Chest36"---Waist30"---Shoulder18.25"---Height 5'6"-5'9"

Size:38"Chest/32"Waist----Chest38"---Waist32"---Shoulder18.75"---Height 5'8"-5'11"

Size:40"Chest/34"Waist----Chest40"---Waist34"---Shoulder19.25"---Height 5'8"-5'11"

Size:42"Chest/36"Waist----Chest42"---Waist36"---Shoulder19.75"---Height 5'10"-6'1"

Size:44"Chest/38"Waist----Chest44"---Waist38"---Shoulder20.25"---Height 5'10"-6'1"

Size:46"Chest/40"Waist----Chest46"---Waist40"---Shoulder20.75"---Height 6'-6'3"

Size:48"Chest/42"Waist----Chest48"---Waist42"---Shoulder21.25"---Height 6'-6'3"

Size:50"Chest/44"Waist----Chest50"---Waist44"---Shoulder21.75"---Height 6'1"-6'5"

Size:52"Chest/46"Waist----Chest52"---Waist46"---Shoulder22.25"---Height 6'1"-6'5"

Tips:there will be 0.5-1 inch difference on the size due to the manual measurements,hope you can understand.

Our Suits can also be custom made,Please feel free to contact us if any questions.

Men's Double Breasted Ivory Blazer Black Pants Suits Groom Tuxed

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