$189 Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium All-in-One True HD Wireles Electronics Camera Photo $189 Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium All-in-One True HD Wireles Electronics Camera Photo Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium HD service All-in-One Wireles True breezecare.life,Premium,Vision,$189,/disreputable1161291.html,All-in-One,Wireles,True,Crystal,HD,Electronics , Camera Photo,CVT9604E-3010W Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium HD service All-in-One Wireles True breezecare.life,Premium,Vision,$189,/disreputable1161291.html,All-in-One,Wireles,True,Crystal,HD,Electronics , Camera Photo,CVT9604E-3010W

Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W overseas Premium HD service All-in-One Wireles True

Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium All-in-One True HD Wireles


Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium All-in-One True HD Wireles

Product description

Crystal Vision Technology

- Built-in 10.1" monitor
- 4Ch Wireless HD NVR with built-in router
- Wireless distance: up to 350ft in open area
- Camera and NVR Auto-Pair
- HDMI outputs: up to 1080p
- Real time live view, 4Ch sync-playback at 15fps
- Support 1 SATA 3.5" HDD, support up to 4TB
- Motion email alerts
- Easy remote access from anywhere anytime
- Remote playback videos in HDD from mobile
- Digital zoom available
- Power supply: DC 12V 3A
- Operation temperature: -10C~55C
- Size: 258 x 210 x 42 mm
**NO HDD (Hard Drive)**

- True HD wireless camera
- 4mm lens for wide angle view
- 3 LED arrays IR distance up to 80ft
- Solid made IP66 cameras
- Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n
- Anti-thunder level: Standard IEC61000-4-5
- Working temperature: -10C ~ 50C
- Power supply: 12V 1A
- Size: 205 x 70 x 55mm

Package Includes
- 1x 4Ch Wireless True HD NVR with built-in 10.1" monitor
- 4x Wireless True HD cameras
- 1x 12V 3A Power adapter for NVR
- 4x 12V 1A Power adapter for cameras
- 4x 16ft Power extension cable
- 1x 3ft Network cable
- 1x Mouse
- 1x User guide

1 Year Warranty

Crystal Vision CVT9604E-3010W Premium All-in-One True HD Wireles


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