Shelf,,Solid,WS1248,Mount,Tools Home Improvement , Storage Home Organization,PVIFS,/counterfessed1161196.html,12",Clean,EZ,48",Wall,Length,$72,W,,x Cheap mail order shopping PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount 12" Length Shelf W x 48" Cheap mail order shopping PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount 12" Length Shelf W x 48" $72 PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount Shelf, 48" Length x 12" W Tools Home Improvement Storage Home Organization Shelf,,Solid,WS1248,Mount,Tools Home Improvement , Storage Home Organization,PVIFS,/counterfessed1161196.html,12",Clean,EZ,48",Wall,Length,$72,W,,x $72 PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount Shelf, 48" Length x 12" W Tools Home Improvement Storage Home Organization

Cheap mail order shopping PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount 12

PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount Shelf, 48" Length x 12" W


PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount Shelf, 48" Length x 12" W

Product description

PVIFS aluminum EZ Clean wall mount shelf is easy to assemble with 2 fasteners per support. 2 Pre-drilled gusset supports. All welded corners and 1-1/2-inches back splash. All aluminum, will not rust. Made in the USA. Weight capacity is determined by wall anchors (mounting hardware not provided).

PVIFS WS1248 EZ Clean Solid Wall Mount Shelf, 48" Length x 12" W

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