Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/cooper1090910.html,,Ankle,Low,Heel,Zip,Block,Boots,Ankle,Strap,$24,Buckle,Womens,Ladies $24 Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Ladies Zip Buckle Ankle Strap Low Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/cooper1090910.html,,Ankle,Low,Heel,Zip,Block,Boots,Ankle,Strap,$24,Buckle,Womens,Ladies Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Buckle Ladies Zip Low Free shipping Strap Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Buckle Ladies Zip Low Free shipping Strap $24 Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Ladies Zip Buckle Ankle Strap Low Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

New York Mall Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Buckle Ladies Zip Low Free shipping Strap

Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Ladies Zip Buckle Ankle Strap Low


Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Ladies Zip Buckle Ankle Strap Low

Product description

- Zip Fastening

- Decorative Outer Zip

- Ankle Strap

- Heel Height 5.8 CM / 2.3 Inches

- Shaft Height 12.4 CM / 4.9 Inches

- Boot Circumference 26.7 CM / 10.5 Inches

- Ideal for Casual, Day Time, Everyday, Party, Clubbing, Special Occasion amp; Dressy

- All Measurements Are Approx. Based On A UK Size 4 / EU Size 37. Please Note That Measurements Above May Vary By Size.

Womens Block Heel Ankle Boots Ladies Zip Buckle Ankle Strap Low

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Health and Fitness
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