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Lumiweld Aluminium Max 5 ☆ very popular 43% OFF Welding Brazing Soldering Rods Repair Crack W

Lumiweld Aluminium Welding Brazing Soldering Crack Repair Rods W


Lumiweld Aluminium Welding Brazing Soldering Crack Repair Rods W

Product description

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

A welding / Brazing rod that is able to weld any aluminium metal by using butane, propane or oxy-acetylene.

This allows you to fusion weld all types of aluminium

Using these rods can repair aluminium cracks, breaks, radiator leaks, water pumps, alloy sumps, stripped threads, boat propellers ladders

Portable / cost effective and easy to use welding

Excellent corrosion resistance for added life span

No flux or fumes when using

Harder than mild steel

Stronger than aluminium by up to 4 times

No need for a AC/DC tig welder that can be very expensive and difficult to use

Rods met at 380 degrees C which is a lot lower than the melting point of aluminium (which is roughly around 600 degrees C)


1. CLEAN - the weld surface with a stainless-steel brush (provided in the kit)
2. HEAT - Heat to 380 degrees until work piece melts the cool lumiweld rod, do not heat the lumiweld as this will not work or stick to the surface
3. COAT - The weld surface with a thin layer of molten lumiweld
4. ABRADE - The oxides beneath the modern lumiweld coating with the abrading tool that is also provided in the kit
5. FILL - Apply more lumiweld rod to build up a bead or fillet
6. COOL - Gently let the surface and the lumiweld to cool naturally (do not add water or other coolants this needs to be done naturally)
7. FINISH - Grind, file, machine, polish, paint, drill, tap as you need to.


1 x stainless steel brush
1 x stainless steel abrader
5 x lumiweld rods - total length each 9" / 230mm
Comes in a plastic tube for easy storage and transportation

Lumiweld Aluminium Welding Brazing Soldering Crack Repair Rods W

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Health and Fitness
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