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Ranking TOP16 BLACKHAWK Japan Maker New SERPA Taser Holster Duty X-26

BLACKHAWK! SERPA Taser X-26 Duty Holster


BLACKHAWK! SERPA Taser X-26 Duty Holster

Product description

Featuring unparalleled retention and coverage, the BLACKHAWK! TASER X26 Duty Holster incorporates BLACKHAWK!'s Detachable Belt Loop so officers can exchange the TASER between shifts without having to remove other items from their duty belt. This holster fits all SERPA platforms, including duty belt loops, S.T.R.I.K.E. equipment, and both shoulder and tactical thigh platforms. Plus, a multi-position design and rock-outward draw (versus traditional straight draw) help prevent weapon confusion under stress. Features: Automatically engages the safety when re-holstering; holster bottom is configured to block the probes in case of accidental activation; trigger and trigger guard are completely enclosed inside holster; carries TASER X26 with optional camera unit attached; belt loop fits most duty belts; extended coverage protects poly carbonate digital readout window; redesigned to hold new TASER X26 cartridge carrier (sold separately); rigid holster body delivers improved retention; protects cartridge in holster; and is available in Matte, Basketweave, or Plain finishes.

BLACKHAWK! SERPA Taser X-26 Duty Holster

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