$96 Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement LCD/DLP Projector Lamp Office Products Office Electronics Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement Milwaukee Mall LCD DLP Lamp Projector $96 Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement LCD/DLP Projector Lamp Office Products Office Electronics Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement Milwaukee Mall LCD DLP Lamp Projector Office Products , Office Electronics,LCD/DLP,POA-LMP67-P01-1,$96,Projector,breezecare.life,Lutema,Replacement,Sanyo,/cladine978970.html,Lamp Office Products , Office Electronics,LCD/DLP,POA-LMP67-P01-1,$96,Projector,breezecare.life,Lutema,Replacement,Sanyo,/cladine978970.html,Lamp

Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement Milwaukee Mall Max 85% OFF LCD DLP Lamp Projector

Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement LCD/DLP Projector Lamp


Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement LCD/DLP Projector Lamp

From the manufacturer

Lamp Life (Durability) +2000 hrs 1400-1500 hrs 500-600 hrs
Brightness (Luminosity based on OEM standards) 100% 88% 67%

30% Brighter, 3X Longer Lasting, 5X More Reliable

with a Philips brand lamp installed, just like the OEM part from the manufacturer.




Comparison Chart

Lutema POA-LMP67-P01-1 Sanyo Replacement LCD/DLP Projector Lamp

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