CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor for Replace 2000-2004 Focus Topics on TV CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor for Replace 2000-2004 Focus Topics on TV $42 CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Replace for 2000-2004 Focus Automotive Replacement Parts CTCAUTO,Replace,2000-2004,6655,/centenarian848849.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,breezecare.life,$42,Motor,for,Starter,Focus $42 CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Replace for 2000-2004 Focus Automotive Replacement Parts CTCAUTO,Replace,2000-2004,6655,/centenarian848849.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,breezecare.life,$42,Motor,for,Starter,Focus

CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Bargain for Replace 2000-2004 Focus Topics on TV

CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Replace for 2000-2004 Focus


CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Replace for 2000-2004 Focus

Product description

2002 Focus Base Sedan 4-Door
2004 Focus High Hatchback 3-Door
2003 Focus High Sedan 4-Door
2000-2004 Focus LX Sedan 4-Door
2002 Focus Manual Sedan 4-Door
2004 Focus Mid Hatchback 3-Door
2003 Focus Mid Sedan 4-Door
2000-2004 Focus SE Sedan 4-Door
2000-2004 Focus SE Wagon 4-Door
2000 Focus Sony Limited Edition Sedan 4-Door
2002-2004 Focus SVT Hatchback 3-Door
2003-2004 Focus SVT Hatchback 5-Door
2000-2004 Focus ZTS Sedan 4-Door
2002-2004 Focus ZTW Wagon 4-Door
2000-2004 Focus ZX3 Hatchback 3-Door
2002-2004 Focus ZX5 Hatchback 5-Door

1.0kW/12 Volt, CW, 9-Tooth Pinion
Mitsuba PM-GR
100% New
Replaces - A cura 31200-P2A-004, 31200-P2A-004RM, 31200-P2A-014, 31200-P2A-014RM, P2A1K, H onda 31200-P2A-004, 31200-P2A-004RM, 31200-P2A-014, 31200-P2A-014RM, P2A1K, Mitsuba SM442-10, SM442-10-1K
Interchange Part Number:
ARROWHEAD: SFD0090CARGO: 112610: 98AB-11000-EC, YS4Z-11002-EA, YS4Z-11002-EB, 98AB-ECJ amp; N: 410-14051LESTER: 6655MOTORCRAFT: SA-886REMY REM-AN: SR111118WAI: 2-2030-FD

CTCAUTO 6655 Starter Motor Replace for 2000-2004 Focus

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