BA-8075KT-18B,Cable/Line,,/centenarian557949.html,Custom,Handlebar,$172,Baron,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Accessories,Kit Max 84% OFF Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable Kit Line Max 84% OFF Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable Kit Line $172 Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable/Line Kit Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $172 Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable/Line Kit Automotive Motorcycle Powersports BA-8075KT-18B,Cable/Line,,/centenarian557949.html,Custom,Handlebar,$172,Baron,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Accessories,Kit

Max 84% OFF Baron Custom Max 64% OFF Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable Kit Line

Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable/Line Kit


Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable/Line Kit

Product description

Custom and complete kits take the guesswork and effort out of selecting the correct cable and line lengths for your bike.
Each kit comes complete with extended-length brake, clutch and throttle/idle cables (choke cable included when applicable).
Stainless kits have cables and lines with a clear-coated exterior, which improves appearance and protects components from abrasion.
Black cables have a black vinyl coating similar to the finish on most stock motorcycles and come with black fittings.
Bar Height: 18in.
Color: Black vinyl

This item fits the following vehicle applications:
for Kawasaki VN900C Vulcan 900 Custom 2007-2019

Baron Custom Accessories BA-8075KT-18B Handlebar Cable/Line Kit

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