Drag We OFFer at cheap prices Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac Purple Red Pastel Synt Rose Lilac/Rose,Red/Pastel,Silky,/centenarian518049.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Drag,Queen,Purple,Synt,Straight,$30,Dark,breezecare.life $30 Drag Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac/Rose Red/Pastel Purple Synt Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Lilac/Rose,Red/Pastel,Silky,/centenarian518049.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Drag,Queen,Purple,Synt,Straight,$30,Dark,breezecare.life Drag We OFFer at cheap prices Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac Purple Red Pastel Synt Rose $30 Drag Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac/Rose Red/Pastel Purple Synt Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Drag We OFFer at cheap prices Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac Purple Red Pastel Synt OFFicial mail order Rose

Drag Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac/Rose Red/Pastel Purple Synt


Drag Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac/Rose Red/Pastel Purple Synt

Product description

How To Wear The Wigs
1. Take wig out from the packing, give it a few good shakes to release the default style.
2. Hair net is open at both ends,with your hands open hair net,set down from your head to neck.
3. Let the hairnet which side overlocking below hold the other side pull up the hair net until the hairnet cover all the hair .
4. After the overlocking side to the hairline,to the other side knead the hair evenly.Fix the hair in the back with the hairpin,don't put on head .
5. Fix the hair in the front,right,left.the hairpin is better,This is the end.
6. Before wearing,if the wigs is the short one,to come slowly from top to bottom until be smooth,if the wig is the curly one,shaking is ok.
7.To adjust to the suitable location accord your head circumference,it's ok to get help from others afters after wearing,after agjusting,you can see that there are two pieces of tuber in the both sides of the wigs,when you wear the wigs, let the 2 pcs fit with the sideburns perfect.
8. After wear,to spray the pure water or the wigs special nursing liquid,if the comb is ok if the wig is curly,to comb with your hand is ok.
Suitable For Different Place: Daily Dress, Cosplay Party, Festival, Wedding, Stage, Costume Show etc.
Any problem or dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact me.I will try my best to help you.
Thanks very much for your great communication !

Drag Queen Silky Straight Dark Lilac/Rose Red/Pastel Purple Synt

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