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Ranking TOP10 Meimall Courier shipping free Duvet Cover Set King Size Flowers Fas Purple 3 Skull Pcs

Meimall Duvet Cover Set King Size 3 Pcs Purple Skull Flowers Fas


Meimall Duvet Cover Set King Size 3 Pcs Purple Skull Flowers Fas

Product description

Size:Emperor duvet(240x280 CM)

Welcome to Meimall ! There are many styles of bedding sets waiting for you, I hope you have a wonderful experience here.

100% microfiber fabric.

Package includes :
1 quilt cover (quilt sold separately, not as a set), 2 pillowcases

Features :
Breathable, comfortable, smooth, soft, beautiful and durable.

▶ Size information ◀
1 X Single duvet(140x200 CM)+ 2 Pillows(50 x 70 CM)
1 X Double duvet(200x200 CM)+ 2 Pillows(50 x 70 CM)
1 X King duvet(220x240 CM)+ 2 Pillows(50 x 70 CM)
1 X Super King duvet(240x260 CM)+ 2 Pillows(50 x 70 CM)
1 X Emperor duvet(240x280 CM)+ 2 Pillows(50 x 70 CM)

Creative Design :
Modern patterns satisfy all kinds of your house decoration including contemporary, bohemian, striped, cute animal, marble texture, nature, floral, flowers, antique, vintage, or chic style etc. Give a new look of childrens bedroom, guest room, kids room, vacation home, RV , hotel, apartment and make your sleeping room look like it’s in magazine.

details :
The side of the pillowcase adopts a hidden zipper seal design, which is convenient to put the duvet in and take out the duvet cover.
Using reactive printing and dyeing technology, soft and breathable. Moisture can be expelled, keeping you warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather.

Tips :
Do not soak in the first wash. Machine wash directly, wash the reverse side.
Naturally dry and avoid sun exposure.
Do not expose to the sun for a long time, as the bed will fade if exposed to the sun.
Please note that due to monitor color limitations, the actual color may differ from the screen color.

Meimall Duvet Cover Set King Size 3 Pcs Purple Skull Flowers Fas

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