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FLY London Ranking TOP8 Women's Pump Yala Purchase Wedge

FLY London Women's Yala Wedge Pump


FLY London Women's Yala Wedge Pump

Product description

Wedge pump

FLY shoes are the footwear of universal youth fashion culture. Designed to meet the needs for footwear with fashion, comfort and style, FLY styling takes its influences from youth culture and a fusion of music and street fashion. Unique and uncompromisingFLY shoes are the footwear of universal youth fashion culture. Designed to meet the needs for footwear with fashion, comfort and style, FLY styling takes its influences from youth culture and a fusion of music and street fashion. Unique and uncompromising design season to season keep FLY at the cutting edge of fashion, and as "following fashion" takes on a light of superficiality, individual details from different sources create a stronger identity in shoes you'll love.

FLY London Women's Yala Wedge Pump

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