Table,Facial,Ozone,Spa,Fac,with,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Mini,Extendable,$36,Steamer,,/brassbound978834.html,Top,Arm, $36 Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm, Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Fac Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm Ozone Spa Mini Table Top Fac Free shipping anywhere in the nation Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm Ozone Spa Mini Table Top Fac Free shipping anywhere in the nation Table,Facial,Ozone,Spa,Fac,with,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Mini,Extendable,$36,Steamer,,/brassbound978834.html,Top,Arm, $36 Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm, Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Fac Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories

Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm Ozone Spa Mini Table Top Fac Free shipping High order anywhere in the nation

Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm, Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Fac


Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm, Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Fac

Product description

The benefit of facial steamer:
An affordable at-home facial steamer can make the skin softer and clearer, reducing the signs of aging while naturally refreshing the skin

Why choose Kingsteam?
Compared to normal steam, we take the advanced PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce abundant and consistent hot mists in seconds, which can more easily penetrate the skin barrier, Moisturize skin more effectively

How to steam your face at home:
1. Face clean up: Wash your face with a facial cleanser before steaming
2. Aromatherapy(Optional): add essential oils on the pollen box of the nozzle
3. Start the device: Fill the purified or distilled water into steamer and press "STEAM " and "OZONE", steam will come out after about 5 mins
4. Steaming and tips: to avoid burning your face, keep your face 8 inches away from the nozzle, steam time 5-10min, the steam will turn off automatically when water is low
5. Mask: after steaming applying a mask or any other topical solution will penetrate the skin deeper allowing the effects of the mask to more effectively promote healthier skin
6. Tone and moisturize: pat your skin dry and apply toner, then moisturizer to your face

1. Please read instructions before initial operation
2. When the steamer is used for the first time, some water may remain in the water tank. This is residual water used for inspection in the factory and We guarantee the product you receive is a whole new one
3. Keep your face 8 inches away from the nozzle when using
4. Turn off the steamer after use, and pour out the water only after the water has become cool 


Product Name: Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Face Steamer Design For Personal Care Use At Home or Salon, White
Model Number: SD-02L
Rated Voltage: AC110-120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Power: 330W

Facial Steamer with Extendable Arm, Ozone Table Top Mini Spa Fac

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Life at Queen's

Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

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Awards and accreditations

Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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Queen's is ranked 43 in the world

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

In the UK for research intensity

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