FWVR Recommendation Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Prom Wed Formal Long Formal,Prom,Dresses,/brassbound517534.html,Print,Evening,FWVR,for,breezecare.life,$70,Long,Women,Wed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Floral $70 FWVR Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Formal Long Prom Wed Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women FWVR Recommendation Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Prom Wed Formal Long $70 FWVR Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Formal Long Prom Wed Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Formal,Prom,Dresses,/brassbound517534.html,Print,Evening,FWVR,for,breezecare.life,$70,Long,Women,Wed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Floral

FWVR Recommendation Floral 70% OFF Outlet Print Evening Dresses for Women Prom Wed Formal Long

FWVR Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Formal Long Prom Wed


FWVR Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Formal Long Prom Wed

Product description

Welcome to our store, we're a professional manufacturer and seller of prom dress, evening dress, wedding dress, party dress and bridesmaid dress. We offer high quality dresses to our customers.
You will surely be attracted by this gorgeous and amazing dress at the first sight.

1.The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2.Estimated Delivery is set automatically. Usually expedited shipping takes 3-7 days to arrive your home, standard shipping takes 7-15 days. So after shipping, please ignore the estimate delivery date,
3.Send me your exact measurements after place the order,so that we can customize the dress for you to make sure fit well.
And below is the measurements we need:
Bust: ____cm
Waist: ____cm
Hips: ____cm
Shoulder to shoulder___ cm
Shoulder to Floor: ____cm
Height (from head to floor without shoes): ____cm
Shoes heel: ____ cm
4.If you have any question about how to measure your size. please contact us freely. and we are always at your service.

Return Policy:
1.If you are unsatisfied,please return it within 10 days after receiving it,and products should be the original condtion even after tried on for fit and size.
2.To get refund asap,please send us RETURN RECEIPT or TRACKING NUMBER immediately after your return.
3.Buyer pay the return or exchange postage.
4.Custom can't accept return or exchanges.

FWVR Floral Print Evening Dresses for Women Formal Long Prom Wed

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