Max 40% OFF hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Roman Wide F Tub Roman,23-inch,hansgrohe,,Tub,Locarno,Transitional,/bibulosity1161001.html,Wide,2-Handle,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,$323,F Max 40% OFF hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Roman Wide F Tub $323 hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Wide Roman Tub F Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Roman,23-inch,hansgrohe,,Tub,Locarno,Transitional,/bibulosity1161001.html,Wide,2-Handle,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,$323,F $323 hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Wide Roman Tub F Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures

Max 40% OFF Fixed price for sale hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Roman Wide F Tub

hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Wide Roman Tub F


hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Wide Roman Tub F

From the manufacturer

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Locarno 4-Hole Roman Tub Set Trim with 1.75 GPM Handshower Locarno 3-Hole Roman Tub Set Trim Locarno Freestanding Tub Filler Trim with 1.75 GPM Handshower Locarno Towel Bar, 24" Locarno Towel Ring Locarno Robe Hook
Model + Finish ID 04817820 04816820 04818820 04835820 04836820 04838820
Flow Rate (GPM) 1.75 1.75
Product Height (I) 6.3 6.3 39.1 2.9 8.7 1.6
ADA Compliant no yes no no no no

hansgrohe Locarno Transitional 2-Handle 23-inch Wide Roman Tub F

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