VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + License Plate Full-LED L Max 59% OFF Black,/,Housing,+,Plate,,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Tail,L,$86,License,Light,Full-LED,VIPMOTOZ $86 VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + Full-LED License Plate L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + License Plate Full-LED L Max 59% OFF $86 VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + Full-LED License Plate L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Black,/,Housing,+,Plate,,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Tail,L,$86,License,Light,Full-LED,VIPMOTOZ

VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + License Plate Full-LED Max 59% OFF L Max 59% OFF

VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + Full-LED License Plate L


VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + Full-LED License Plate L

Product description

Designed to fit

2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
2007-2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD | 3500HD
2007-2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD
Standard Cab | Extended Cab | Crew Cab

NOT Compatible with 2007 Classic Models

NOT Compatible with 2014 New Body Style Models

[2010-2012 Silverado Models] - NOT Compatible with 921 Reverse/Backup Bulbs Tail Light Models

[Sierra Models] - ONLY Compatible with Dually Models (4 Rear Wheels)

Product Feature

Infinity Black Edition
Crystal Clear Lens Matched with a Matte Black Housing.

Tail Light Assembly in Box
Both Driver Side amp; Passenger Side Included.

Plug And Play. No Rewiring.
Just Plug Your Factory Harness Into our Tail Light And You Are Ready to Install. Simple, Quick, Easy.

Premium LED Technology
Advanced Leds Designed to Refresh Your Vehicle'S Appearance With A Visually Striking Presence.

Micro-Prism Reflectors
Internally Design With Small Prisms to be Optimally Reflective And Viewable From All Angles.

100% Street Legal, SAE DOT Approved
US Department of Transportation and Society of Automotive Engineers Certified Products. Our Products Meet all Regulation Standards in USA amp; Canada.

Triple Layer Protection
Triple-Layered Coating That Combats The debris and weather Your Vehicle Faces Every Day.

Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty
Free Replacement Parts For You as Long as You Own Our Products.

VIPMOTOZ Black Housing LED Tail Light + Full-LED License Plate L

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