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MagiDeal LED Max 70% OFF Limited time trial price Electric Flameless Window Lights Remote Candle Wedd

MagiDeal LED Electric Flameless Window Candle Lights Remote Wedd


MagiDeal LED Electric Flameless Window Candle Lights Remote Wedd

Product description



- Remote Control - Place these candles wherever you want, then activate them with remote control, very easy to use. Designed with gold holders and suction cups, meet everything you need for your window or mantle display.
- Smokeless - No flame, no dripping wax, smokeless and unscented, let you enjoy all the benefits of candlelight without any of the drawbacks.
- Romantic - Warm light glow creates a romantic atmosphere when use as dinner, party, wedding, birthday, Christmas home decoration.
- 100% Safe - There is absolutely no fire or burning danger and it is safe for families with pets or young child, you can have perfect ambient evenings with peace of mind.
- Home Decoration - Perfect for pub, bar, home, hotel, cafe decoration.


- Material: Plastic
- Color: White
- Total Size: 6x24.5cm/2.36 inch
- Candle Size: 2x20cm/0.79 inch
- Base Size: 6x6x3cm/2.36x2.36x1.18 inch
- Remote Control Size: 8.6x4cm/3.39x1.57 inch
- Battery: 3x AAA Batteries(Not Included)

Package Includes:

1 Set Candle Lights
1 Piece Remote Control


1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 1-3mm differences due to manual measurement.

MagiDeal LED Electric Flameless Window Candle Lights Remote Wedd

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