MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Dyna with Scale Wholesale Color Display $70 MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Scale with Color Display with Dyna Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Scale,Smart,WiFi,Display,with,-,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,,Color,with,MyScale,/archaeostomatous517490.html,$70,MyKronoz,Dyna $70 MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Scale with Color Display with Dyna Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Scale,Smart,WiFi,Display,with,-,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,,Color,with,MyScale,/archaeostomatous517490.html,$70,MyKronoz,Dyna MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Dyna with Scale Wholesale Color Display

MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Dyna with Scale Deluxe Wholesale Color Display

MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Scale with Color Display with Dyna


MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Scale with Color Display with Dyna

Product Description

MyScale is more than just a connected scale. Boasting a large LED color display, MyScale gives you a comprehensive picture of your body composition in real time: weight trends, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water mass, to help you better understand your metabolism and your physical activity.

In order to keep tabs on your health at home, MyScale comes with a heart rate sensor that measures your cardiac frequency in less than 30 seconds.

Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, MyScale synchronizes automatically and via Wi-Fi to your secure account in the cloud and your data is instantly available in the MyKronoz application offering an intuitive interface, the ability to set your goals, measure your progress and stay motivated.

Designed for the well-being of the whole family, MyScale can save and detect up to 8 different user profiles. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, MyScale offers up to 1 year of battery life and can be easily charged using its supplied USB-C cable.

Thanks to MyScale, you will also be able to check the daily weather at a glance at each weighing. You’ll no longer have to take your phone out of your pocket to figure out how to dress in the morning!

Honored with a 2021 Red Dot Design Awards, MyScale stands out with its round silhouette, its ultra-resistant tempered glass top and its large color display. Available in several elegant colors, MyScale will perfectly fit into your bathroom or bedroom.


Product dimensions 13.4 x 13.4 x 0.8 inches
Product Weight 4.63lb
Display LED Color Display
Display Size 5.6"
Sensor 4 weigh Sensors
Connectivity WiFi 2,4 GHz - Bluetooth 4.0
Units Kg / Lb
Graduation 100 g / 0.2lb
Battery Type Li-ion 3000 mAh

MyKronoz MyScale - Smart WiFi Scale with Color Display with Dyna

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