$701 Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Boo Home Kitchen Furniture Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk Hutch and 5 Boo Shelf Special Campaign with $701 Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Boo Home Kitchen Furniture Shaped,breezecare.life,Bush,Furniture,Somerset,/about,L,and,$701,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,5,Shelf,Hutch,Desk,Boo Shaped,breezecare.life,Bush,Furniture,Somerset,/about,L,and,$701,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,5,Shelf,Hutch,Desk,Boo Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk Hutch and 5 Boo Shelf Special Campaign with

Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk Hutch and 5 Boo Shelf Special Campaign Max 88% OFF with

Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Boo


Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Boo

Product description

Color:Sand Oak

With practical features and a stylish design, the Bush Furniture Somerset 60W L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Bookcase delivers a personal workspace perfect for the home or small office. The expansive 60W surface with wire management offers ample room to spread out and complete large projects. A convenient pull-out shelf provides a perfect place to keep a keyboard or laptop, while a vertical storage cabinet with an adjustable shelf and a box drawer offer plenty of storage for office supplies and utensils. A file drawer opens on smooth ball bearing slides for an easy reach to letter size documents, even those all the way in the back. The Hutch mounts to either side of the L Shaped Desk and has a large open compartment for books, binders or decorations and two frosted glass doors for concealed storage. The 5 Shelf Bookcase matches the height of the Desk and Hutch set to create a coordinated look in your office. Two of the Bookcase's shelves are fixed for stability and three are adjustable to ensure that items of all sizes have their place. Transitional styling includes your choice of several attractive finishes with tapered leg accents and contemporary metal hardware for an alluring appearance. This home office furniture set is tested to meet ANSI/SOHO quality standards for safety and performance and is backed by the Bush Furniture 6 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. American made with U.S. and imported parts.

Bush Furniture Somerset L Shaped Desk with Hutch and 5 Shelf Boo

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