Zanier Aviator.GTX Gloves Heated New York Mall Gloves,Zanier,/US/en/search,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Aviator.GTX,Heated,$280 $280 Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $280 Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Zanier Aviator.GTX Gloves Heated New York Mall Gloves,Zanier,/US/en/search,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Aviator.GTX,Heated,$280

Zanier Aviator.GTX Gloves Japan Maker New Heated New York Mall

Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves


Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves

Product description

The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on highly developed textile heat elements and a unique electronic control system. The robust lithium ion batteries which weigh just 60 g provide heat at three different levels for up to 10 hours. They are concealed in the extra long AVIATOR.GTX cuff and you can hardly feel them. The gloves' heating system is easy to operate with a single switch on the white battery. Zanier Heated Gloves Include: 2pc 7V 2600mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Dual Charging Cord Detailed Instructions Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty The flame shaped LED light shows the chosen heating level (yellow, orange, red) and shines through the transparent upper material. The supplied USB charger unit recharges the batteries overnight. The gloves' heating system is robust and even withstands hard knocks. The model can also be used without heating. Straps and Velcro fasteners were deliberately not used making them ideal for flying at extreme heights. The PrimaLoft insulation incorporated into the AVIATOR.GTX, the GORE-TEX membrane and the moisture-regulating BREATH lining also protect against the rain and wind. Including Leash and TOUCH function. Features: Obermaterial: Ziegenleder, 4-Wege-Stretch Shell: goatskin, 4-way-stretch Innenhand: Ziegenleder, Amara, Silikondruck Palm: Goatskin, amara, silicone print Partner Technologies: PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco amp; GORE-TEX with Gore warm technology Zanier Technologies: Breath Flex Heat Touch Leash Material: 4-Wege-Stretch goatskin Amara Gender: Unisex Type: Gloves Item Number: 26028 Whether for active winter sports on and off the piste or even at dizzy heights - the models in the current HEAT collection from ZANIER give cold hands and aching fingers no chance. The heating technology in the gloves is based on sophisticated textile heating elements and unique control electronics, which are continuously tested and further developed. Thanks to the proven 3-stage heating technology, the HEAT models guaran

Zanier Aviator.GTX Heated Gloves

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