$49 YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable Wheels for 13-42 Inch LCD Office Products Office Furniture Lighting YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable 13-42 Inch LCD Regular discount Wheels for Inch,Wheels,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,$49,YITAHOME,Cart,Mobile,for,/US/en/products/molecular-biology-and-functional-genomics/gene-editing-and-functional-genomics/crispr-gene-editing,13-42,TV,LCD,breezecare.life,with,Lockable $49 YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable Wheels for 13-42 Inch LCD Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Inch,Wheels,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,$49,YITAHOME,Cart,Mobile,for,/US/en/products/molecular-biology-and-functional-genomics/gene-editing-and-functional-genomics/crispr-gene-editing,13-42,TV,LCD,breezecare.life,with,Lockable YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable 13-42 Inch LCD Regular discount Wheels for

YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable 13-42 Inch LCD Regular discount Wheels cheap for

YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable Wheels for 13-42 Inch LCD


YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable Wheels for 13-42 Inch LCD

Product Description

rolling tv stand

This sturdy steel TV stand fits most flat screen sizes ranging from 13" to 42" with a weight capacity of up to 44lbs. Features adjustable telescopic height up to a maximum of 61.4''. The lockable wheels allow the cart to be moved or secured when needed. The mounting bracket can be tilted up to 30 degrees to adjust the monitor to the desired viewing angle. It is VESA compliant and supports 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm and 200x200mm mounting holes. Installation is simple with all necessary screws and instructions included.

rolling  tv stand

YITAHOME Mobile TV Cart with Lockable Wheels for 13-42 Inch LCD


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